As the owner of an Independent Pharmacy, based in the south east of England, I am getting increasingly frustrated at the way the PSNC, our negotiating body actually negotiates on our behalf. I don’t know about you, but I now feel that the funding model is about as clear as muddy water. I have seen my income drop substantially over the past few years, whilst continuing the evermore demanding supply role.  Due to increasing script numbers and patient expectations this situation is becoming stressful.

At the moment one of my particular bugbears are the NCSO concessions granted each month; I do groups2my best to try and inform the PSNC of any shortages but often feel that nothing gets done about it (I may be wrong about this) but I never receive acknowledgements from the PSNC when I fill in the shortages form. Very often wholesalers then set their prices at or above the NCSO price, leading to dispensing a lot of NCSO products at a loss (after taking clawback into the account)

I am therefore trying to setup an action group website where I can publish shortages that I am aware of and hoping that you will inform me of any shortages you are aware of, so together we can report them to the PSNC; many voices informing the PSNC of the same shortages may have a greater impact in granting of concessions.

Before I commit to a fully integrated website, I would like to gauge what sort of support I would get from independent contractors for such a project. Should I have an encouraging response then I will progress the site and email you with updates on how we work together with one voice. pharm

Other issues we could include in the full website, might be, cost of providing EPS2, dispensing propriety products at a loss, or any other ideas that we can ask LPC and PSNC to address on our behalf.

I am keen to get this working so I need your support.  If you can inform any other contractors you know to register; this will give me the necessary momentum to make it happen.